Bon Accord Chess Club Championship (Online)

As most of you will be aware, the club is not physically open due to COVID and has not been open since March.

However we are holding the club championship online this year.

It is a five round swiss, with the following key details:

The club championship is open to all members of the Bon Accord club.

The tournament will be a 5-round Swiss, taking place on lichess, following the schedule below. 


RoundDefault Date (Wednesday) Deadline (Thursday)
113th January4th February
210th February4th March
310th March1st April
47th April29th April
55th May27th May

Starting time: 7 pm

Time control: 60 minutes + 15 seconds increment per move.

For the first time two FIDE Masters are playing in the event.

The first round draw is:

Rob WrightMurad Abdulla
Hamish OlsonAlex Stewart
Ananth SubramaniamBob Lothian
Richard JenningsAnish Subramaniam
Malcolm MacMillanJeremy Mitchell
Theodoros VasiliadisJonny Turner
Vusal RamazanovRoss Brennan
Vagif RamazanovCristian Gabureanu
Anjishnu BhaduriAlisdair McLeod
Charles OppenheimLi McKay
Aaron McKayPranav Arcot
Vasif RamazanovCammy McKay

The One That Got Away (Twice)

Couldn’t resist the Katy Perry reference 🙂

Both our teams had great results yesterday in the 2020 Event.

2020 now has a website ( and pairings online ( – some cool visualisations too).
It is going to be talked about on BBC Radio at around 1645 today (Saturday 11th April) at this link :

The A team beat the now-familiar Chess Carolinas 7-1 (from North and South Carolina, USA) (BA B had beat them 6.5-3.5). We outrated them heavily on all boards. They had promised six players but only fielded four. Theo and Julius graciously agreed to sit out.

The games can be found here:

See if you can spot my blunder in the first game – no cheating until you think you know the answer! (I am black)

The B team had a similarly successful night (hence the cheesy title), winning 9-1 against”D’Ascanio Vintage!”. They are a team composed of players from universities in Pisa, Trieste (a beautiful place where I played a lovely tournament in 2017 – “FE 19 Citta’ di Trieste”, stay at if you get the chance! ) and Ancona.

Detailed results (and the games) can be found here:

Richard’s piece sac is worth looking at here:

On Monday the A and B team both face stiff challenges.

The A team is again (in a competition with 66 teams) paired against the formidable Tiger Sharks A (>=2 IMs, average rating around 2300). We ran them a very close second last time (

and hope to do better this time.

The B team has also got a tough opponent, and again an intercontinental match – Endgame New Mexico who have a National Master and an FM and a number of players above 2000.

Bon Accord Debut in 4NCL

The 4NCL event is being held online this year.

Bon Accord has an A team in the top division and a B team in division

The A team had a tough match against one of the top teams in Britain, Wood Green who had a Grandmaster on board two!

At one stage it was looking like the result might be 3-1 us. Julius went straight through an off-form Adam Taylor with an admittedly dubious exchange sac and was the first to finish. Euan was slightly better out of the opening as white against “ButterflyQueen” (IM Jovanka Houska) but got ground down. I (Hamish) was +4 in a tricky endgame against GM Daniel Fernandez and Murad was winning.
Unfortunately both our opponents proved resourceful:

Bon Accord A 2180 Wood Green 2408
w FM Abdulla, Murad 2287 0 – 1 FM Harvey, Marcus R 2440
b FM Olson, Hamish 2246 0 – 1 GM Fernandez,Daniel Howard 2466
w Gray, Euan 2098 0 – 1 IM Houska, Jovanka 2381
b Schwartz, Julius 2090 1 – 0 IM Taylor, Adam C 2347

1 – 3
Full results here:

Division 1 games will be available here

(link broken Friday 2100 but I expect it will be fixed soon)

Bon Accord B had a smoother start and could have had more (in particular Richard was a lot better the whole game). They are definitely looking to be in contention to be promoted.

Catford Cosmonauts 3 1580 Bon Accord B 1856
w Orpwood, Steven 1742 0 – 1 Koroglou, Viktor 2028
b Oyvat, Cem 1667 ½ – ½ Jennings, Richard 1872
w Foreman, Anthony 1532 ½ – ½ Vasiliadis, Theo 1820
b Marchettini, Cristiano 1382 0 – 1 Brennan, J Ross 1706

1 – 3

Full results here:

Bon Accord A 10.5 – 1.5 Leeds University Bon Accord B 3.5 – 10.5 Manchester University B

Bon Accord A beat Leeds University 10.5-1.5.

I got completely out-prepared by my (2100 FIDE) opponent, Robert Starley, in the first game but won with a nice pseudo-queen sacrifice in the second game ( Julius was lucky to escape with a draw after chucking a piece in the first game but won nicely in the second. Everyone else won both games.

Full results can be seen here:

Bon Accord B lost to Manchester B. There were some technical difficulties getting set up on but these will get resolved with practice. Thank you to Alisdair for agreeing to be B team captain.

The detailed results can be found below:

Ross’s game, converting the advantage of the bishop pair into a promising rook endgame and eventual win can be found here:

Bon Accord A 3.5 – Tiger Sharks B 8.5

On Friday 4th April,Bon Accord A were a bit unlucky to be paired with another ridiculously strong team in the final round of the first two weeks of the 2020 event. We were convincingly beaten 8.5-3.5 by Tiger Sharks B(!)

Murad Abdulla 0.5-1.5 “Mark K” “Czech IM who is friends with some of our players”
Hamish Olson 1-1 IM Ritvars Riemanis 2414
Andrew Green 1-1 FM Hendrik Hoffman 2250
Euan Gray 0-2 Bao Dong 2227
Viktor Koroglou 0-2 Hugh Murphy 203 (~2210)
Theodoros Vasiliadis 1-1 Oliver Cod

Bon Accord B had their debut agains a South African side in a friendly match on Thursday 3rd April and were just pipped 5.5-4.5:

Bon Accord A 11 – Mushrooms 3

Bon Accord A beat the Mushrooms 11-3 this evening:

1.Murad Abdulla 2-0 Simon Wilks (2068)
2.Hamish Olson 2-0 Peter Sullivan (189)[~2070]
3.Julius Schwartz 1-1 Luis Ortiz Sanchez (1899)
4.Euan Gray 1.5-0.5 Craig Kennedy (1884)
5.Viktor Koroglou 2-0 Neil Davies (1763)
6.Theodorous Vasiliadis 1-1 Richard Nash (165)[~1830]
7.Nihad Abdullazada 1.5-0.5 Matt Hortin (1778)

You can find Nihad’s nice endgame grind here:

I (Hamish) had a fun attacking game:

Bon Accord A 4.5 Tiger Sharks 5.5, Bon Accord B 6.5 Chess Carolinas 3.5

After 3 Rounds Bon Accord A was in joint lead with one other team, the formidable Tiger Sharks (a.k.a. Grantham Sharks in the 4NCL).
With IMs on the top three boards and 2200s on the bottom 2 they were never going to be a pushover and so it proved.

After the first set of five games things were looking pretty tasty for us at 3.5-1.5 for the good guys with some great upsets:

1.FM Murad Abdulla (black) 1-0 IM Ameet Ghasi (2485)
2.FM Hamish Olson (white) 1-0 IM Thomas Rendle (2367)
3.Julius Schwartz 0-1 IM Peter Roberson (2436)
4.Euan Gray 0.5-0.5 James Holland (2220)
5.Theodorous Vasiliadis 1-0 Bao Dong (2226)

Unfortunately the second set of results was a lot more one sided the other way:

1.FM Murad Abdulla(white) 0.5-0.5 IM Ameet Ghasi (2485)
2.FM Hamish Olson (black) 0.5-0.5 IM Thomas Rendle (2367)
3.Julius Schwartz 0-1 IM Peter Roberson (2436)
4.Euan Gray 0-1 James Holland (2220)
5.Theodorous Vasiliadis 0-1 Bao Dong (2226)

So the Sharks beat us 5.5-4.5 and are in outright first with two rounds to go.

Bon Accord B had their debut against the Chess Carolinas, a US team that has a mixture of players from North and South Carolina:

1.Richard Jennings 1-1 Henry Hasman
2.Ross Brennan 0-2 Ezra Etzel
3.Nihad Abdullazada 2-0 Eugene Mack
4.Vagif Ramazanov 2-0 Raghu Arramreddy
5.Michael McRoberts 1.5-0.5 Sushma Dasari (1634)

Not a bad debut – 6.5-3.5 victory.
On Wednesday 7pm the A team will play the “Mushrooms”
On Thursday 7pm the B team will be playing against Eton!

You can see my win against IM Thomas Rendle here :

He started drifting in the queenless middlegame around move 20, giving me a better pawn structure (d-pawn influences centre more than his a-pawn) which initially he had enough activity for but that fizzled out. In the second game he was better but allowed a perpetual.

Theo’s back-and-forth win against Bao Dong can be viewed here:

He had a strong attack with some fine active/positional play in very typical Theo style, but then let things slip a bit only to bounce back at the end.

Bon Accord Beat London School of Economics 8.5-5.5

In the third round of the 2020 competition BA beat LSE 8.5-5.5 and now are likely to be playing co-leaders Tiger Sharks A (I believe Adam is playing for Tiger Sharks B) in the fourth round.


1.Murad Abdulla 1-1 Abhinav Bathula

2 Hamish Olson 0 -2 Thomas Goldie

3.Julius Schwartz 0.5 – 1.5 Aaneel Shalman
4.Euan Gray 1.5-0.5 Matthie Bennet
5.Richard Jennings 2-0 Aadil Khan
6.Ross Brennan 1.5-0.5 Mateusz Masiak
7.Nihad Abdulla 2-0 Tom Dawtrey
BA 8.5 – LSE 5.5

Bon Accord 7 Petts Wood Orpington 5

This evening the Bon Accord chess club beat the largest chess club in Kent ( 7-5 in the 2020 Chess (Online) tournament:
1. Murad Abdulla    2300 2 0         Aaravamudhan Balaji 2206
2.Hamish Olson 2239 1 0.5 0 0.5  Daniel Lindner 2214
3.Julius Schwartz 2090 0 0 2       Mikey Watson 1973
4.Euan Gray    2082       0 0  2     Jean-Baptiste Jugand (Unrated, 2261 in 1994)
5.Ross Brennan 1706  1 0.5 0.50   Shlok Verma 1733
6.Nihad Abdulla  1634 2   0 0      Conrad Allison 1837
                                          7             5
(FIDE ratings if available, else Scottish)
It was a very tense match with Murad’s second win being the last game to finish.
The games were played at 15minutes + 10 seconds which was much more civilised than Monday’s 10minutes + 2s.
Next round we are playing the London School of Economics (LSE)!
Bon Accord is also entering the 4NCL which is being held online this year, 4 boards.
Expressions of interest welcome, I (Hamish) am happy to organise multiple teams.

Bon Accord Beats Bath University 7-1

Bon Accord has entered 2020 Chess ( ), a UK wide online tournament (with one German team).

The first round was held tonight and we won 7-1 (3.5-0.5, 3.5-0.5) against Bath University chess club.

The results were as follows:

1.Murad Abdulla  1.5  – 0.5 Arda Cayonlu

2. Hamish Olson 1.5 – 0.5 Edoardo Mancin

3. Julius Schwartz 2-0 Oliver Whitfield

4.Euan Gray 2-0 Vlad Brebeanu

The next round will be on Wednesday at 7pm. The first tournament in the series concludes a week on Friday (six rounds, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 7pm) but this will be a recurring series of tournaments until the crisis has abated.

There are some very strong teams but also some less strong teams – games for all levels.

The time control is a fairly brisk 10 minutes +2 seconds and the games are played on /

It is a minimum of 4 boards but can be more if both captains agree (Bath had 7 players available). Please let me (Hamish) know if you are interested. If there is enough interest I am happy to organise a B (C,D…) team as well.