Club Championship Round 1 Results

The results of round 1 of the club championship were as follows:

White     Black
Hamish Olson 1 0 Carl Milton
John Ewen 0 1 Bob Lothian
Duncan Harwood 1 0 Euan Gray
Mark Barclay 0 1 Mike Cavanagh
Richard Jennings 1 0 Ian Grieve
Leston D’Costa 0.5 0.5 Jeremy Mitchell
Eric Davidson 0 1 Alan Smith
Stuthi Hegde 0 1 Neil Irving
Ricky Telford 1 0 Dylan Bodrell

The standings are as follows:

Hamish Olson, Bob Lothian, Duncan Harwood, Mike Cavanagh, Richard Jennings, Neil Irving, Alan Smith, Ricky Telford 1
Jeremy Mitchell, Leston D’Costa 0.5
Eric Davidson, Carl Milton, John Ewen, Euan Gray, Mark Barclay, Ian Grieve, Stuthi Hegde, Dylan Bodrell 0

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