Stonehaven vs Bon Accord Knights

The Stonehaven vs Bon Accord Knights fixture in the North East Scotland Chess League was played on Wednesday 19th November. The result was a victory for the knights as follows:

Stonehaven Bon Accord Knights
1 B Keith Emery 1684 0 1 Duncan Harwood 1988
2 W Bruce Harrold 1672 1 0 Neil Irving 1644
3 B Pat Coffield 1452 0.5 0.5 Ricky Telford 1639
4 W David Bridges 1235 0 1 Mark Barclay 1457
1.5 2.5

Mark converted an extra exchange to be the first to finish. Duncan managed to strand his opponent’s king in the centre of the board, and was then able to fork his rooks. I blundered a rook while trying to defend a bad position in time trouble. Ricky secured the points when his opponent offered a draw in a complicated looking queen and knight ending.


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