Bon Accord Knights vs Newmachar

The Bon Accord Knights vs Newmachar match in the North East Scotland chess league was played at Ferryhill community centre on Tuesday 16th December.

The first game to finish was on board 4 where Mark Barclay won with a big attack against David Smith. At about the same time on board 3 Leston overlooked a tactic that won several pawns, and resulted in a lost rook end game. On board 2 I had an extremely promising position against Gerald Lobley, but I ran out of time and decided to force a draw by repetition. That left the board 1 game where Duncan was able to efficiently beat Joy Durno in a bishop ending with an extra pawn.

Bon Accord Knights Newmachar
1 B Duncan Harwood 1988 1 0 Joy Durno 1732
2 W Neil Irving 1644 0.5 0.5 Gerald Lobley 1649
3 B Leston D’Costa 1421 0 1 Harry Praeger 1592
4 W Mark Barclay 1457 1 0 David Smith 1102
2.5 1.5

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