Under 16 Olympiad Results

The last round of the under 16 olympiad was completed today (Sunday 21st December) in Győr, Hungary.
The tournament was won by the top seeds India, ahead of Russia and Iran.

Scotland finished in 47th place, exactly as per seeding.
The individual results were as follows:

Murad Abdulla 3.5/8
Lennart Koehn 4.5/8
Declan Shafi 4/9
Euan Gray 3/8
Anna Milton 2/7

The full results for the Scotland team are here: http://chess-results.com/tnr153962.aspx?lan=1&art=20&flag=30&wi=821&snr=47
Congratulations to Murad, Lennart, Declan, Euan and Anna. Here is a picture of the team (minus Euan) meeting legendary Hungarian Grandmaster Judit Polgar at the event.

Murad Abdulla, Judit Polgar, Calum MacQueen, Declan Shafi, Anna Milton, Lennart Koehn


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