Club Championship Round 3

The draw for round 3 of the club championship is as follows:

White Black
Hamish Olson (2) Alan Smith (1+1)
Duncan Harwood (1+1) Mike Cavanagh (2)
Richard Jennings (2) Jeremy Mitchell (1½)
Leston D’Costa (1½) Bob Lothian (1)
Callum Smith (1) Neil Irving (1)
Ricky Telford (1) Euan Gray (0+1)
Stuthi Hegde (0+1) Tariq Pasha (1)
John Ewen (1) Ian Grieve (0)
Eric Davidson (0) Ayo Suberu (0)
Mark Barclay (0) Carl Milton (0)
Dylan Bodrell (0) BYE

Note that there are a couple of games still to be completed from round 2.

The deadline for the round is Friday 30th January 2015. The schedule for subsequent rounds has been added to the calendar of events.


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