Knights vs All Stars

The Bon Accord Knights vs Bon Accord All Stars match in the North East Scotland chess league was played at the Ferryhill community centre on Tuesday 24th March 2015, and ended up in a narrow 2.5 – 1.5 win for the All Stars. The All Stars very quickly gained the lead when Vagif Ramazanov checkmated Ricky Telford. The second game to finish was on board 4 where Dylan Bodrell successfully defended against John Ewen’s sacrificial attack, and was just material up. On board 2 Neil Irving overlooked a couple of tactical opportunities to win material against Alex Beaney and was then unable to win a rook and pawn ending with an extra pawn. The last game to finish was on board 1 where Daniel Maxwell was a piece and several pawns up, but under attack against Duncan Harwood. Eventually Duncan was able to win his material back with interest, and finished with an extra queen. Daniel has subsequently informed me that he was winning until near the end of the game, and described the finish as a “filthy rotten swindle”

Bon Accord Knights Bon Accord All Stars
1 B Duncan Harwood 1988 1 0 Daniel Maxwell 2081
2 W Neil Irving 1644 0.5 0.5 Alex Beaney 1590
3 B Ricky Telford 1639 0 1 Vagif Ramazanov 1398
4 W John Ewen 1619 0 1 Dylan Bodrell 898
1.5 2.5

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