Scottish National Chess League Round 7 – Sunday 29th March

In the last round of the Scottish National Chess League Bon Accord were paired against Wandering Dragons B for the second time. For various reasons we struggled to get a team and could only field three players. Dragons were given advanced warning of this, but turned up with five players anyway.

The result was a narrow defeat for Bon Accord with Hamish and Daniel winning on the top two boards, and Callum getting ground down by a very experienced opponent.

Bon Accord Wandering Dragons B
1 W Hamish Olson 2087 1 0 Eoin Campbell 1837
2 B Daniel Maxwell 2081 1 0 Elliot Sloan 1822
3 W Callum Smith 1057 0 1 Donald Heron 1796
4 B Default 0 1 Won by default
5 W Default 0 1 Won by default
2 3

This result leaves Bon Accord as division 5 champions, and our promotion to division 4 was confirmed at the league AGM.

Congratulations to Adam Bremner for captaining the team, and to Hamish Olson, Daniel Maxwell, Callum Smith, Tariq Pasha, Duncan Harwood, Murad Abdulla, Richard Jennings, Leston D’Costa, Dylan Bodrell and John Clifford for playing.


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