BP Cup Round 1 – Stonehaven vs Knights

The first round match of the BP cup between Stonehaven and Knights was played at Newtonhill on Wednesday 8th April 2015.

The match was extremely closely fought. Leston D’Costa defeated his less experienced opponent fairly quickly, and just after the time control Duncan Harwood won his game against Bruce Harrold leaving the Knights 2-0 ahead. However on boards 2 and 3 things were not looking promising for the Knights: on board 2 Neil Irving had blundered an exchange in the opening against Pat Coffield, and his final move before the time control had left a completely lost bishop vs rook endgame. Meanwhile on board 3 John Ewen having had a probably winning position earlier in the game against David Bridges was faced by a lost king and pawn ending. This would have left the Knights eliminated from the competition at the first hurdle. Fortunately for the Knights David Bridges made some mistakes and John Ewen was able to win his ending and thus clinching the match. Pat Coffield then recorded a consolation win for Stonehaven.

Stonehaven Bon Accord Knights
1 B Bruce Harrold 1671 0 1 Duncan Harwood 1988
2 W Pat Coffield 1452 1 0 Neil Irving 1644
3 B David Bridges 1235 0 1 John Ewen 1619
4 W Robbie Williamson U/G 0 1 Leston D’Costa  1421
1 3



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