BP Cup Round 1 – Teflon Sharks vs Newmachar

The first round match of the BP cup between the Teflon Sharks and Newmachar was played at Ferryhill community centre on Tuesday 7th April 2015. Thanks to Jeremy Mitchell for providing information for the following report.

The match seems to have been exceptionally close. On board 1 Jeremy Mitchell drew with Joy Durno quite quickly. Eric Davidson then lost a winning (or at least drawn) position to Gerald Lobley. Tariq Pasha somehow won from a losing position against Steve Sawaryn on board 3. This left the match tied at 1.5 each with only the board 4 game to go.

On board 4 Stuthi Hegde was a pawn up in a king and pawn endgame against Ayo Suberu when she blundered a pawn. She then offered a draw but her opponent declined, not realising that a draw would be good enough for Newmachar to go through on board count. Further play resulted in a pawn race which should have been drawn but Ayo played a queen check while he was still in check from Stuthi’s queen, so he had to swap queens leaving Stuthi with a won king and g pawn against king. Stuthi got her king to the 6th rank, but then retreated the king and pushed the pawn so the position was once again drawn. However at this point Ayo’s flag fell, so he lost.

Teflon Sharks
1 B Jeremy Mitchell 1812 0.5 0.5 Joy Durno 1732
2 W Eric Davidson 1669 0 1 Gerald Lobley 1649
3 B Tariq Pasha 1192 1 0 Steve Sawaryn 1453
4 W Stuthi Hegde 1084 1 0 Ayo Suberu  U/G
2.5 1.5

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