Edinburgh Chess Congress

The Edinburgh chess congress is the largest chess congress in Scotland, with five sections including the only FIDE rated weekend open in Scotland. This year it was held at the new venue of St Thomas of Aquins school in Edinburgh between the 17th and 19th of April 2015. The Edinburgh congress was hosted for many years at George Heriot’s school. The new venue is about five minutes’ walk from Heriot’s, and although the building is a lot less grand, the playing conditions are in my opinion rather better. The playing hall was very spacious, catering was provided onsite, and there was also (unusual these days) a bookstall. From Bon Accord Murad Abdulla, Leston D’Costa, Euan Gray, Stuthi Hegde, Neil Irving, Richard Jennings, Anna Milton, Vagif Ramazanov, Vusal Ramazanov and Callum Smith were competing. The only players to win prizes were Neil Irving who was part of a nine way tie for second in the challengers, and Euan Gray who shared the grading prize, also in the challengers. The results for the Bon Accord players were as follows. Knights (under 1300)

  • Vusal Ramazanov 1.5/5

Bishops (under 1500)

  • Stuthi Hegde 3/5

Major (under 1700)

  • Leston D’Costa 2.5/5
  • Vagif Ramazanov 2.5/5
  • Callum Smith 3/5

Challengers (under 1900)

  • Anna Milton 2/5
  • Euan Gray 3/5
  • Neil Irving 3.5/5

Premier (FIDE rated)

  • Murad Abdulla 2/5
  • Richard Jennings 2/5

Grading data for the Edinburgh congress can be found here : http://www.chessscotland.com/news/?p=4928

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