BP Cup Semi Final – Bon Accord Bishops vs Peterhead

The BP cup semi-final between the Bon Accord Bishops and Peterhead took place on Tuesday 5th May. The Bishops were significant favourites by rating, but Peterhead were fielding a very good (and underrated) ringer in Callum Smith on board 3. The first game to finish was on board 4 where Dominic Troman won fairly quickly against Atharva Dabholkar. On board 3 Callum Smith duly won a complex game against Ian Grieve leaving Peterhead 2-0 up with two games to go. On board 1 Mike Cavanagh had a better position and more time against Chris Rose, and won fairly easily. The most interesting game was on board 2 where Malcolm MacMillan had a very good (quite possibly winning) position against Richard Jennings. Although Richard was in severe time trouble he managed to outplay his opponent and reached a drawish ending where each side had a pawn, a rook and a bishop. Only needing half a point to win the match Malcolm unfortunately put his bishop en-prise, and Richard checkmated him with less than 2 minutes left on the clock.

The 2-2 draw leaves the Bishops going through to the BP cup final on board count.

Bon Accord Bishops Peterhead
1 W Mike Cavanagh 1856 1 0 Chris Rose 1435
2 B Richard Jennings 1820 1 0 Malcolm MacMillan 1105
3 W Ian Grieve 1445 0 1 Callum Smith 1057
4 B Atharva Dabholkar 810 0 1 Dominic Troman 1093
2 2


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