BP Cup Semi Final – Bon Accord Knights vs Teflon Sharks

The BP cup semi-final between the Bon Accord Knights and the Teflon Sharks took place on Tuesday 5th May. The Sharks were only able to field three players, so the Knights won board four by default. Eric Davidson evened the score with a fine attacking win with black against John Ewen. This left the Knights needing at 1.5 points from the top two games, but the board 2 game between Ross Brennan and Ricky Telford ended in a blocked position where neither could make progress, and on board 1 Duncan Harwood could only draw a pawn down against Jeremy Mitchell. The 2-2 draw leaves the Teflon Sharks going through on board count.

Bon Accord Knights Teflon Sharks
1 W Duncan Harwood 1988 0.5 0.5 Jeremy Mitchell 1812
2 B Ricky Telford 1639 0.5 0.5 Ross Brennan 1670
3 W John Ewen 1619 0 1 Eric Davidson 1669
4 B Win by default 1 0 Default
2 2



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