Bon Accord summer tournament

Richard Jennings has kindly agreed to run an end of season tournament again this season.

The tournament is a 5 round swiss. The rounds are scheduled as follows:

  • Round 1        Tuesday   2 June
  • Round 2        Tuesday   9 June
  • Round 3        Tuesday  16 June
  • Round 4        Tuesday   23 June
  • Round 5        Tuesday   30 June

The time control is 50 minutes for all moves with a 30 second increment per move from the start.

Games should start at 7 pm to allow plenty of time to finish. In the unlikely event of a game still continuing at 10.15 pm, an adjudication will be made so that the club can be closed by 10.30 pm.

All moves must be recorded throughout and the 50 move draw rule applies.

Games will normally be played at Ferryhill on the Tuesday nights, but if both players agree, alternative nights and venues are acceptable, provided the game is played and result submitted in time for the next round draw, and the tournament controller is informed in advance.

The deadline for entries is Saturday 30th May. Should I receive any through the website I will pass them on to Richard.

Please note that this tournament is open to players who are not members of Bon Accord chess club.


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