Scottish Chess Championships Results

The 2015 Scottish chess championship was held in Edinburgh between the 11th and 19th of July. The only prize winner from Bon Accord was Hamish Olson who shared the under 2200 grading prize. Hamish and Jonathan Edwards were both in contention for the title of Scottish champion until they lost in the penultimate round to International Master Roddy McKay and Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard respectively. Notable games from Bon Accord players included Neil Irving getting a draw against International Master Mark Orr (and overlooking a mate in 3), and Carl Milton playing a very strange game in which he checkmated his opponent twice (for details see Andy Howie’s blog here).

Final scores (out of 9) for Bon Accord players were as follows:

  • Hamish Olson 5.5
  • Jonathan Edwards 5
  • Carl Milton 4.5
  • Richard Jennings 4.5
  • Neil Irving 4
  • Callum Smith 4
  • Leston D’Costa 3.5
  • Euan Gray 3
  • Stuthi Hegde 2

Full results for the tournament can be found here.

White to play and win – the answer.

So to recap – the position from the game Irving – MacQueen Scottish championship 2015 was the following:

White to play and win
White to play and win

The answer is 1.Rh1 threatening to capture the knight on h4. If black moves the knight with 1…Nf5 then after 2.h6 black has to give up the knight for the pawn with 2…Nxh6 3.Rxh6 or 2…N(either)e7 3.h7 Ng6 4.h8=Q+ Nxh8 5.Rxh8 so the only sensible line is 1…Kb5 2.h6 Ng6 3.h7 Nh8.

White needs a really good move
White needs a really good move

Now here there is only one move that is clearly winning 4.Rd1!! with the following ideas. If black plays 4…Kf6 then 5.Rg1 cuts the king off from the h file, and either wins the knight on h8 or after 5..Ne7 6.Rg8 Neg6 the c pawn with 7.Rc8. On the other hand if black attacks the h pawn straight away with 4…Kg6 then 5.Rxd5 cxd5 6.c6 and the c pawn can’t be stopped without allowing the h pawn to promote. Finally black can try moving the d5 knight, but then 4…Ne7 5.Rd8 Neg6 6.Rc8 the c pawn again drops with terminal consequences.

Sadly none of this happened in the game – white played 1.Rg1? and went on to lose.

Glorney – Glibert International

The Glorney-Gilbert international takes place in County Meath, Ireland between the 19th and 23rd July. This competition comprises a series of matches at different junior age groups between teams from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Several Bon Accord players are representing Scotland.

  • In the Glorney cup (under 18) Carl Milton.
  • In the Gilbert cup (girls under 18) Stuthi Hegde.
  • In the Robinson cup (under 14) Euan Gray and Callum Smith.

Accompanying the party will be several coaches including Hamish Olson.

The competition can be followed on the website here

White to play and win

I wanted to show you a position from the Scottish championship round 2 game Neil Irving vs Calum MacQueen. I wouldn’t like to give a misleading impression of this game – I was thoroughly outplayed by a much better player, and deservedly lost, however around the time control Calum made a couple of mistakes, and in the diagram below despite having a rook against two knights white has a beautiful idea that wins.

White to play and win
White to play and win

The answer is now here


Scottish Chess Championships

The Scottish chess championship is being held in at Stewart’s Melville College in Edinburgh between the 11th and 19th July.

There are currently six Grandmasters and nine other titled players entered. Alongside them Bon Accord club members Murad Abdulla, Leston D’Costa, Euan Gray, Stuthi Hegde, Neil Irving, Richard Jennings, and Carl Milton will be competing as well as former club member Jonathan Edwards.

Their progress can be followed at .

We wish them all luck.

End of Season Tournament

The end of season tournament was won by Hamish Olson with four wins, and a half point in the final round. Richard Jennings finished in clear second, and Mike Cavanagh, Jeremy Mitchell and Tariq Pasha tied for third. It was particularly pleasing to see a number of players who had not previously played in Bon Accord tournaments competing.

Full results as follows:

1st Hamish Olson 4½/5
2nd Richard Jennings 4/5
3rd – 5th Mike Cavanagh

Jeremy Mitchell

Tariq Pasha

6th – 11th Leston D’Costa

Sean Gordon

Hugh Holmes

Vagif Ramazanov

Alex Stewart

Ayo Suberu

12th – 13th John Ewen

Andrew Kennedy

14th – 17th Atharva Dabholkar

Stuthi Hegde

Ramesh Kante

Eugene Ogosi

18th – 20th Dylan Bodrell

Kalyan Kante

Vusal Ramazanov

21st – 22nd Andrei Gheorghe

Adi Hegde


Grading information here