End of Season Tournament

The end of season tournament was won by Hamish Olson with four wins, and a half point in the final round. Richard Jennings finished in clear second, and Mike Cavanagh, Jeremy Mitchell and Tariq Pasha tied for third. It was particularly pleasing to see a number of players who had not previously played in Bon Accord tournaments competing.

Full results as follows:

1st Hamish Olson 4½/5
2nd Richard Jennings 4/5
3rd – 5th Mike Cavanagh

Jeremy Mitchell

Tariq Pasha

6th – 11th Leston D’Costa

Sean Gordon

Hugh Holmes

Vagif Ramazanov

Alex Stewart

Ayo Suberu

12th – 13th John Ewen

Andrew Kennedy

14th – 17th Atharva Dabholkar

Stuthi Hegde

Ramesh Kante

Eugene Ogosi

18th – 20th Dylan Bodrell

Kalyan Kante

Vusal Ramazanov

21st – 22nd Andrei Gheorghe

Adi Hegde


Grading information here

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