Dundee Chess Congress

The 2015 Dundee chess congress was held between the 9th and 11th of October. Several Bon Accord players had outstanding tournaments, most notably Murad Abdulla, Tariq Pasha and Atanu Dutta who finished tied for first in their respective tournaments.

In the open Murad Abdulla finished in a tie for first place with 4/5. This is the second open Murad has won following the Glenrothes open in 2014. Other prize winners in the open included Carl Milton and Euan Gray who shared the under 1825 grading prize with 2.5/5. Other Bon Accord players in the open were Richard Jennings (2.5/5) and Jeremy Mitchell (1.5/5) who played each other in round 4.

In the challengers tournament Tariq Pasha finished 1st= with 4/5. This is Tariq’s second consecutive tournament victory following the Lothians major last month. Leston D’Costa finished half a point behind the leaders to finish in a tie for 3rd. Also in the challengers were Callum Smith (3/5), Neil Irving (2.5/5), Vagif Ramazanov (1.5/5) and Stuthi Hegde (1/5) .

The only player from Bon Accord in the major was Duncan Depasquale who was unable to win the tournament, but did get a prize for the best junior aged 15-14 with a scored of 3/5.

Atanu Dutta was the joint winner of the minor with a score of 4.5/5 in his first ever tournament. The Dutta family generally had a very good weekend with Nandini (3/5) and Oishani (2.5/5)  both winning junior prizes. The other Bon Accord players in the minor were Atharva Dabholkar (2/5), Sean Milton (2/5) and Aditya Hegde (1/5).

The Chess Scotland report and grading information can be found here.


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