Bon Accord Chess Club Allegro

The annual club allegro was held on Tuesday 29th September. It was decided to hold the tournament on a single evening, and consequently the games were reduced to 10 minutes each, and were not rateable. The result was a tie for first between Richard Jennings and Jeremy Mitchell. Jeremy defeated Richard in their individual game, but had lost earlier on to John Ewen.

The full results were as follows:

 1-2  Jennings, Richard  SCO       1812 5       
      Mitchell, Jeremy   SCO       1676 5        
 3-4  Ewen, John         SCO       1568 4       
      Brennan, Ross      SCO       1723 4       
 5-8  Dutta, Atanu       SCO            3       
      Grieve, Ian        SCO       1540 3      
      Pasha, Tariq       SCO       1560 3       
      Ogosi, Eugene                     3      
9-10  McClymont, Duncan  SCO       1227 2      
      Dhabolkar, Atharva                2        
11-13 Saravanan, Pranav            380  1       
      Hegde, Aditya      SCO       268  1     
      Sibbald, Connor    SCO       604  1

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