North East Scotland Chess League – Newmachar vs Knights

The match between Newmachar and the Bon Accord Knights took place at Newmachar primary school on Tuesday 17th November.

The first game to be decided was on board 1 where in a Kings Indian defence Neil Irving found a tactic that won two pieces for a rook and left him with a knight on e6 dominating the position. At about the same time the board 4 encounter finished with Ayo Suberu managing to take advantage of his opponents neglected development, winning several pawns and eventually an exchange. On board 3 in a Dragon Sicilian Dave Smith concluded a strong attack by winning a piece. This left the board 2 encounter where Ricky Telford concluded the match by forcing a Queen exchange leading to a knight ending with two extra pawns.

The full results were as follows:

Newmachar Bon Accord Knights
1 B Joy Durno 1819 0 1 Neil Irving 1748
2 W Gerald Lobley 1665 0 1 Ricky Telford 1633
3 B Steve Sawaryn 1403 0 1 David Smith 1514
4 W Ayo Suberu 1 0 Kalyan Kante   749
1 3

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