Liverpool Quadrangular Junior International

The annual Liverpool quadrangular international took place last weekend on the 5th and 6th of November. Teams from Scotland, the north of England, the English midlands and Wales were competing in the under 16, under 14 and under 12 age groups. Scotland finished 1st in the under 16 competition and 2nd in the other two age groups.

The results are on the Chess Scotland website here. I find the way the results have been recorded somewhat unclear, but it appears that the results for Bon Accord players were as follows:

Under 16

  • Euan Gray 2½/3
  • Leston D’Costa 2½/3
  • Callum Smith 2/2
  • Stuthi Hegde ½/2

Under 14

  • Nandini Dutta 1/2
  • Oishani Dutta 2/3

Under 12

  • Adi Hegde 1/3


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