London Weekend Classic

Richard Jennings had a very good result in the weekend tournament at the 2015 London chess classic .

In the under 2000 section he scored 4/5 finishing in a tie for 3rd place, and winning the under 1900 grading prize.

His individual results were as follows:

  1. Richard Jennings vs Hasan Shahzad (U/G USA) (1-0)
  2. Chris Sykes  (1916 SCO) vs Richard Jennings (0-1)
  3. Richard Jennings vs Per Omtvedt (1932 NOR) (0-1)
  4. Maksim Cheslaveski (1947 BUL) vs Richard Jennings (0-1)
  5. Richard Jennings vs Helge Hjort (1949 DEN) (1-0)

Full results and grading performance can be found on



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