Christmas Lightning Results

The Christmas lightning tournament was held on Friday 19th December and won by Daniel Maxwell. Daniel won his first five games, leaving him a point ahead of the field with two rounds to go. At the point he blundered against Ross Brennan allowing Jeremy Mitchell to catch up with a win against Tariq Pasha. In the final round Daniel won convincingly against John Ewen, while Jeremy was held to a draw by Callum Smith – one of only two draws in the entire tournament.

Congratulations to Daniel. The final results were as follows:

  1   Maxwell, Daniel                 2125 6        
  2   Mitchell, Jeremy                1794 5.5      
  3   Smith, Alan                     1653 5        
 4-6  Irving, Neil                    1748 4       
      Brennan, Ross                   1634 4        
      Pasha, Tariq                    1654 4        
  7   Smith, Callum                   1483 3.5      
8-10  Kante, Kalyan                   749  3        
      Ewen, John                      1568 3        
      Selvaraj, Divyesh               1300 3        
 11   Malmqvist, Kristoffer                2        
12-13 Kante, Ramesh                        1.5      
      Saravanan, Pranav               380  1.5       
 14   Hegde, Aditya                   478  1

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