Livingston Chess Congress

The Livingston chess congress was played between Friday 29th – Sunday 31st January at the Mercure hotel in Livingston.

In the open section the best performance of the weekend was from Euan Gray who scored 3/5 with a rating performance of 2089, 433 points higher than his rating.

Murad Abdulla scored 2½/5 for a 2078 TPR, while Callum Smith scored 2/5 in his first weekend open. His TPR of 1792 exceeded his rating by 309 points.

Neil Irving was one of the co-winners of the major with a score of 4/5. Going into the final round he had been half a point ahead of the field, but could only draw with black against Graham Kerr of Livingston, and so finished in a tie for first with James Crone of Paisley.

Duncan Depasquale endured a slightly tough weekend in the major to finish on 1/5.

The outstanding performance in the minor was from Oishani Dutta who finished 3rd= with 3.5/5, but there were also excellent results from Kalyan Kante (2½/5), Adi Hegde (2/5) and Nandini Dutta who recovered from three losses in the first three rounds to score 2/5.


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