North East Knockout Cup – Knights vs Newmachar

The North East Scotland Knockout Cup match between the Bon Accord Knights and Newmachar took place at Ferryhill community centre on Tuesday 2nd February. Newmachar won first on boards 2 and 3, but the Knights struck back on board 4 and very fortunately on board 1. The result was as follows:

Bon Accord Knights Newmachar
1 B Neil Irving 1748 1 0 Joy Durno 1819
2 W Ricky Telford 1633 0 1 David Burke 1723
3 B John Ewen 1568 0 1 Gerald Lobley 1665
4 W David Smith 1514 1 0 Steve Sawaryn 1403
2 2

2 thoughts on “North East Knockout Cup – Knights vs Newmachar

    • There are two groups – group one comprising Sharks, Bishops, All Stars and Peterhead, and group two consisting of Newmachar, Stonehaven and the Knights.
      There is an all play all within those two groups, and the winners play a final.
      The upshot of last nights result is that the Knights will go through if they beat Stonehaven by more points than Newmachar do. In the event that the Knights and Newmachar are tied then Newmachar would go through on bottom board elimination.


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