Chess club closed for Easter

Ferryhill community centre is closed for Easter from the 4th – 15th April, so there will be no chess club meeting on Tuesday 5th April, Friday 8th April, Tuesday 12th April and Friday 15th April.

The last meeting before Easter will be on Friday 1st April.

The club will meet again on Tuesday 19th April and continue to meet on Tuesdays and Fridays until the end of June.

Irvine Spring Congress

The Irvine Spring Congress was held on the weekend of the 18th – 20th March 2016.

From Bon Accord the outstanding performance of the weekend was from Connor Sibbald who, in his first adult tournament scored 2½/5, finishing with a win against Peter Doris in spite of being outrated by 652 points! Stuthi Hegde in the major also had an excellent weekend finishing unbeaten on 2½/5 with a tournament performance rating of 1506 compared to her current grading of 1241. In the open Callum Smith had a challenging weekend, but although he only scored 1/5 he still gained some rating points. Finally Aditya Hegde had a disappointing weekend with four losses in a row in the minor.

The full grading for the tournament is on the Chess Scotland website.

Scottish National Chess League Round 7

Round 7 of the Scottish National Chess League was played in Dunfermline on Sunday 27th March.

Bon Accord completed a 100% record for the season with a 5-0 win over Hamilton B. Due to various teams defaulting games Tariq Pasha and Callum Smith were able to get some rated games against players from Forth Valley B.

Round 7

 Bon Accord  Hamilton B
1 W Adam Bremner 2244 1 0 Jim Frame 1219
2 B Murad Abdulla 2027 1 0 Bernard Airlie 1210
3 W Daniel Maxwell 2056 1 0 Bill Perrie 1128
4 B Anthony Bourached 1951 1 0 Thor Saemundsson
 5 W Win by default 1 0 Default
5 0


Scottish Team Lightning Championship

Bon Accord entered two teams in the 2016 Scottish lightning championships held at Dunfermline on Sunday 27th March 2016.

The B team consisting of Anthony Bourached,  Neil Irving, Tariq Pasha and Callum Smith scored 8/20 in the preliminary round, and then scored 12.5/20 in the second final, finishing half a point behind the winners Crouching Tigers.

The A team comprised International Master Dominik Csiba, Adam Bremner, Murad Abdulla, and Daniel Maxwell. Having comfortably qualified for the main final they faced several very strong teams – particularly Hamilton (winners for the previous 13 consecutive years), Edinburgh and Dundee. In spite of this Bon Accord triumphed and are 2016 Scottish lightning champions.

Congratulations to Adam and the team.

Club Championship Round 6

After five rounds of the club championship Duncan Harwood is a point clear of the field on 5/5. Ross Brennan, Neil Irving and Jeremy Mitchell are tied for second with 4/5.

The draw for round 6 is as follows:

White Black
Jeremy Mitchell (4) Duncan Harwood (5)
Neil Irving (4) Ross Brennan (4)
Mike Cavanagh (3) Leston D’Costa (3)
Callum Smith (3) Richard Jennings (3)
Tariq Pasha (3) Alan Smith (3)
Stuthi Hegde (2½) John Ewen (2½)
Ian Grieve (2½) Nandini Dutta (2½)
Oishani Dutta (2½) Eugene Ogosi (2)
Sean Gordon (2) Alex Stewart (2)
Connor Sibbald (1½) Dave Smith (2)
Kalyan Kante (1½) Duncan McClymont (2)
Ricky Telford (2) Eric Davidson (1)
Aditya Hegde (2) Ramesh Kante (0)
Atharva Dabholkar (1) BYE

The deadline for round 6 games is Friday 29th April 2016. Please note that club will be closed for Easter from the 4th – 15th April.

North East Scotland Chess League – Sharks vs Knights

The match in the North East Scotland Chess League between the Teflon Sharks and the Bon Accord Knights took place on Tuesday 15th March 2016 at Ferryhill community centre. The result was a 3-1 win for the Knights as follows:

Teflon Sharks Bon Accord Knights
1 B Jeremy Mitchell 1794 0 1 Duncan Harwood 1950
2 W Ross Brennan 1634 0 1 Ricky Telford 1633
3 B Duncan McClymont 1227 0 1 John Ewen 1568
4 W Sean Gordon 1 0 David Smith 1514
1 3

North East Scotland Chess League – Bishops vs Stonehaven

Bon Accord Bishops played Stonehaven in the North East Scotland Chess League on Tuesday 15th March. The result was a 3½-½ win for the Bishops:

Bon Accord Bishops Stonehaven
1 B Mike Cavanagh 1888 ½ ½ Keith Emery 1660
2 W Richard Jennings 1878 1 0 Bruce Harrold 1651
3 B Ian Grieve 1397 1 0 Pat Coffield 1531
4 W Alex Stewart 1268 1 0 David Bridges 1240