Richardson Cup Semi Final

The semi-final of the 2016 Richardson cup between Bon Accord and Edinburgh West was played at Alison’s bar in Dundee on Saturday the 12th March.

Team captain Hamish Olson described the match on facebook:

“It was a tense match and after four hours of play we found ourselves 3-1 down but it was looking good on the remaining boards and eventually we converted our good positions into full points. With about 10 minutes left, Mike was offered a draw by Alan Bell and after stalling for a nerve wracking five minutes waiting for Euan to find the win in a messy position, Euan played the winning move and Mike took the draw. 5 minutes later the decision was vindicated and we had done it!”

The results were as follows (FIDE ratings in brackets).

Bon Accord Edinburgh West
1 B Hamish Olson 2212 (2076) 0 1 IM Craig Pritchett 2262 (2333)
2 W Adam Bremner 2244 (2200) ½ ½ Jonathan Grant 2132 (2224)
3 B Murad Abdulla 2027 (2060) ½ ½ George Neave 2130 (2144)
4 W Bob Lothian 2034 (2109) 1 0 Walter Buchanan 2124 (2126)
5 B Duncan Harwood 1950 (2029) 0 1 Neil Farrell 2066 (2122)
6 W Mike Cavanagh 1888 ½ ½ Alan Bell 1956 (1968)
7 B Richard Jennings 1878 (1874) 1 0 Duncan Walker 1822 (1934)
8 W Euan Gray 1656 (1881) 1 0 Ian McLean 1775 (1929)

As a result of this match Bon Accord have reached the Richardson cup final for the second time in three years and face Edinburgh chess club in the final. Bon Accord also qualifies for the European Club Cup in Belgrade in November.

Congratulations to Hamish and the team.


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