Bon Accord Knights – North East Chess League Champions

The match North East Scotland Chess League between the Bon Accord Knights and the Bon Accord Bishops took place on Tuesday 19th April 2016 at Ferryhill community centre.

The league situation going into the match was that Bishops needed to defeat the Knights in order to win the league title. The game on board 4 was first to finish with John Ewen reaching a winning king and pawn ending against Ian Grieve. On board 3 Hugh Holmes converted a rook ending with a couple of extra pawns to level the match at 1-1. The top two boards went almost to the time limit with Duncan Harwood defeating Mike Cavanagh to secure the draw and the league title for the knights. The final game between Neil Irving and Richard Jennings in a position that was better for white, but both players had very little time.

Congratulations to the Bon Accord Knights – 2016 North East Chess League champions.

Bon Accord Knights Bon Accord Bishops
1 B Duncan Harwood 1950 1 0 Mike Cavanagh 1888
2 W Neil Irving 1748 ½ ½ Richard Jennings 1878
3 B Ricky Telford 1633 0 1 Hugh Holmes 1712
4 W John Ewen 1568 1 0 Ian Grieve 1397

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