End of Season Allegro Tournament

End of Season Allegro Chess Tournament

Bon Accord Chess Club

Ferryhill Community Centre, Aberdeen


5-Round Swiss Tournament played on Tuesday and Friday evenings
FIDE Rapidplay Rules apply with 30 minutes per player for all moves
Players from other local chess clubs are invited to participate.

Round 1     Tuesday 7 June
Round 2     Friday 10 June
Round 3     Tuesday 14 June
Round 4      Friday 17 June
Round 5      Tuesday 21 June

Entries to Richard Jennings by midday Monday 6th June.

Entries can be submitted using the form at the end of this post.

The draw will be made on the evening prior to rounds and emailed immediately as well as being posted at the club on round nights at 7 pm.

All matches should be played at Ferryhill Community Centre at the prescribed times. Players can make other arrangements provided the tournament organiser is informed and agrees. Players not turning up to play will be defaulted unless they have given prior notice to the organiser.

Half point byes will be granted if requested before the round draw.

It is optional to record the moves.

If a player’s flag falls they will have lost on time unless their opponent has insufficient material to mate, in which case the match will be a draw.

If a player has less than 2 minutes left on their clock they may claim a draw. The position should be noted and agreed by both players. An adjudicator will either turn down or accept the draw claim.

If a player makes an illegal move and presses the clock they will forfeit the game if their opponent claims before making a move.

Results will be sent to Chess Scotland for grading (Allegro grades).

Adjudicators for the event will be Richard Jennings, Jeremy Mitchell and Neil Irving.


North East Cup Final – Sharks vs Knights

The final of the North East cup was played between the Bon Accord Knights and the Teflon Sharks on Tuesday 17th May 2016. The Knights won the toss and opted for white on boards 1 and 3. The result was as follows:

Teflon Sharks Bon Accord Knights
1 B Jeremy Mitchell 1794 0 1 Duncan Harwood 1950
2 W Alan Smith 1653 0 1 Neil Irving 1748
3 B Ross Brennan 1634 1 0 Ricky Telford 1633
4 W Duncan McClymont 1227 0 1 John Ewen 1568
1 3

Congratulations to the Bon Accord Knights 2016 North East league and cup champions.

North East Cup – Sharks vs Bishops

The North East cup game between the Bon Accord Bishops and the Teflon Sharks took place at Ferryhill community centre on Tuesday 10th May 2016. The match ended in a 3-1 win for the Sharks who qualify for the cup final against the Bon Accord Knights. The final will be played on Tuesday 17th May.

Teflon Sharks Bon Accord Bishops
1 B Jeremy Mitchell 1794 ½ ½ Mike Cavanagh 1888
2 W Alan Smith 1653 1 0 Richard Jennings 1878
3 B Ross Brennan 1634 ½ ½ Ian Grieve 1397
4 W Sean Gordon 1 0 Eugene Ogosi
3 1

Bon Accord Club Championship Round 7

The situation going into the last round of the club championship is that there are three possible winners. Duncan Harwood and Jeremy Mitchell have a postponed game to play from round 6, and the other player that could win is Neil Irving who plays Duncan in round 7.

White Black
Duncan Harwood (5+1) Neil Irving (5)
Ross Brennan (4) Jeremy Mitchell (4+1)
Alan Smith (4) Mike Cavanagh (4)
Richard Jennings (3½) Ian Grieve (3½)
Connor Sibbald (1½) Callum Smith (3½)
Alex Stewart (2+1) Ricky Telford (2+1)
Eugene Ogosi (3) Sean Gordon (2+1)
Duncan McClymont (2) Tariq Pasha (3)
John Ewen (2½) Kalyan Kante (2½)
Nandini Dutta (2½) Stuthi Hegde (2½)
Atharva Dabholkar (2) Oishani Dutta (2½)
Eric Davidson (1+1) Aditya Hegde (2½)
Dave Smith (2½) Ramesh Kante (½)

The deadline for the games is Friday 27th May.