Bon Accord Club Championship Round 7

The situation going into the last round of the club championship is that there are three possible winners. Duncan Harwood and Jeremy Mitchell have a postponed game to play from round 6, and the other player that could win is Neil Irving who plays Duncan in round 7.

White Black
Duncan Harwood (5+1) Neil Irving (5)
Ross Brennan (4) Jeremy Mitchell (4+1)
Alan Smith (4) Mike Cavanagh (4)
Richard Jennings (3½) Ian Grieve (3½)
Connor Sibbald (1½) Callum Smith (3½)
Alex Stewart (2+1) Ricky Telford (2+1)
Eugene Ogosi (3) Sean Gordon (2+1)
Duncan McClymont (2) Tariq Pasha (3)
John Ewen (2½) Kalyan Kante (2½)
Nandini Dutta (2½) Stuthi Hegde (2½)
Atharva Dabholkar (2) Oishani Dutta (2½)
Eric Davidson (1+1) Aditya Hegde (2½)
Dave Smith (2½) Ramesh Kante (½)

The deadline for the games is Friday 27th May.


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