2016/17 Bon Accord Club Championship Report

Report on the 2016/17 Bon Accord club championship by tournament controller Ross Brennan:

The first round produced a win for Pranav Arcot who overcame a grading difference of 968 points to beat John Ewen. This was biggest giant killing game in Scotland all season, and meant that Pranav won the Robert Rough Cup. Well done Pranav!

Other notable win in the early rounds saw Euan Gray defeat Duncan Harwood.

After Round 5, we had 5 players tying for first place on 4/5. Bob, Duncan, Guillam and Euan, and they were joined by Sean Gordon who had been making his way up the standings, and beat Richard Jennings to join the leaders.

We also had some controversy in Round 5, Jeremy Mitchell claimed a draw against Euan using the 2-minute rule, but following independent adjudication, his claim was not upheld, and Euan was awarded the win.

In Round 6 Bob drew with Duncan, but wins for Sean and Euan moved those two players into top spot with 5/6, and they faced each other in the final round to decide the destination of the Club Championship.

In the final round, it was Sean who triumphed to become Club Champion.

  • 1st   Sean Gordon   6
  • 2nd   Bob Lothian    5½
  • 3rd= Euan Gray, Guillem Nogura   5

Congratulations to Sean, and well done to everyone who competed.

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