Richardson Cup Champions

The Richardson cup final took place on Saturday 14th April 2018 at Grangemouth between Bon Accord and Glasgow Polytechnic.

Bon Accord started as clear favourites because we were able field almost our strongest possible team. Polytechnic were missing a few of their better players, but their team was still formidable, headed by Grandmaster Colin McNab on board 1.

The results were as follows:

Bd Grade Bon Accord   vs   Polytechnic Grade
1  2158 Abdulla, Murad (FM) B  ½  –  ½ W McNab, Colin A (GM)  2426
2  2229 Bremner, Adam (CM) W  ½  –  ½ B Swan, Iain (FM)  2219
3  2159 Olson, Hamish W  1  –  0 B Watt, David A  1853
4  2159 Gordon, Sean B  1  –  0 W Brookens, Lewis  1763
5  2057 Lothian, Robert B  1  –  0 W Shahin, Jallal  1815
6  2080 Maxwell, Daniel W  1  –  0 B Larkin, John  1640
7  1899 Jennings, Richard L W  1  –  0 B Eldridge, John  1565
8  1879 Irving, Neil B  1  –  0 W Breslin, Daniel  1522
  7  –  1

On the top two boards Murad Abdulla and Adam Bremner efficiently neutralised strong opponents and the remainder of the team were able to defeat lower rated opposition. The games were broadcast live, and can be seen at (

This result was particularly pleasing because our previous Richardson final against Glasgow Polytechnic was a disaster (almost the reverse score) (

Congratulations to Murad, Adam, Hamish, Sean, Bob, Daniel, Richard and Neil for securing the Richardson Cup for Bon Accord for only the second time in the club’s history.


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