End of Season (Chess960 !) Tournament

End of Season (Chess 960!!) Tournament

The event comprise a 4-round tournament of Fischer Random Chess or Chess 960.

Round 1 Tuesday 5 June
Round 2 Tuesday 12 June
Round 3 Tuesday 19 June
Round 4 Tuesday 26 June

All games to be played at Ferryhill.
The tournament is open to non-members of Bon Accord Chess Club.
There is no entry fee.
A prize for first place will be awarded.

There will be a short talk describing Chess960 at the start of the tournament covering the rules.
This talk will likely be repeated before each round. The idea of Chess 960 is that since there are so many possible starting positions, it is not feasible to study opening theory and players cannot benefit from prepared opening knowledge. All the rules are the same as classical chess except for Castling and the initial position.

Each round one of the 960 possible starting positions will be selected by a random process and all matches in that round will start with that position. Each round players will play 2 games against the same opponent with the same starting position, but with colours reversed in the second game. The time control will be 25 minutes for all moves plus a 10 second increment per move. It will be necessary to start matches soon after 7pm to ensure games are finished by 10pm.
The results will not be used for grading purposes. Pairing will be made each round according to the Swiss Tournament format.

It is allowed to have one half point bye (miss one round), but more than one bye will not be allowed because last season there were too many byes and it spoilt the tournament in my opinion.

To enter please message this page or the Facebook page or ideally email Richard if you have his email address.

Please have a look at the link to find out more.