The pairings for the second round of the club championship are as follows:

White Black
Richard Jennings (1) Ross Brennan (1)
Michael McRobert (1) Bob Lothian (1)
Chris Rose (1) Mike Cavanagh (1)
Stefan Wagner (1) David Burke (1)
Jeremy Mitchell (½) John Ewen (1)
Alan Smith (½) Anish Subramaniam (½)
Charles Oppenheim (½) Ananth Subramaniam (½)
Jonny Turner (½) Pranav Arcot (½)
Vagif Ramazanov (½) Alex Stewart (½)
Alisdair McLeod (½) Oishani Dutta (0)
Nandini Dutta (0) Steven Inkster (0)
Adi Hegde (0) Anjishnu Bhaduri (0)
Shuban Kistareddy (0) Malcolm MacMillan (0)
Pranav Saravanan (0) Rob Wright (0)

Rules and time controls are displayed on the noticeboard. If you have any problems contact the tournament controller.

All games should be played on Wednesday 5 December 2018.

The absolute deadline for the round is Friday 21 December 2018.

Tournament Controller: Ross Brennan

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