Bon Accord A 4.5 Tiger Sharks 5.5, Bon Accord B 6.5 Chess Carolinas 3.5

After 3 Rounds Bon Accord A was in joint lead with one other team, the formidable Tiger Sharks (a.k.a. Grantham Sharks in the 4NCL).
With IMs on the top three boards and 2200s on the bottom 2 they were never going to be a pushover and so it proved.

After the first set of five games things were looking pretty tasty for us at 3.5-1.5 for the good guys with some great upsets:

1.FM Murad Abdulla (black) 1-0 IM Ameet Ghasi (2485)
2.FM Hamish Olson (white) 1-0 IM Thomas Rendle (2367)
3.Julius Schwartz 0-1 IM Peter Roberson (2436)
4.Euan Gray 0.5-0.5 James Holland (2220)
5.Theodorous Vasiliadis 1-0 Bao Dong (2226)

Unfortunately the second set of results was a lot more one sided the other way:

1.FM Murad Abdulla(white) 0.5-0.5 IM Ameet Ghasi (2485)
2.FM Hamish Olson (black) 0.5-0.5 IM Thomas Rendle (2367)
3.Julius Schwartz 0-1 IM Peter Roberson (2436)
4.Euan Gray 0-1 James Holland (2220)
5.Theodorous Vasiliadis 0-1 Bao Dong (2226)

So the Sharks beat us 5.5-4.5 and are in outright first with two rounds to go.

Bon Accord B had their debut against the Chess Carolinas, a US team that has a mixture of players from North and South Carolina:

1.Richard Jennings 1-1 Henry Hasman
2.Ross Brennan 0-2 Ezra Etzel
3.Nihad Abdullazada 2-0 Eugene Mack
4.Vagif Ramazanov 2-0 Raghu Arramreddy
5.Michael McRoberts 1.5-0.5 Sushma Dasari (1634)

Not a bad debut – 6.5-3.5 victory.
On Wednesday 7pm the A team will play the “Mushrooms”
On Thursday 7pm the B team will be playing against Eton!

You can see my win against IM Thomas Rendle here :

He started drifting in the queenless middlegame around move 20, giving me a better pawn structure (d-pawn influences centre more than his a-pawn) which initially he had enough activity for but that fizzled out. In the second game he was better but allowed a perpetual.

Theo’s back-and-forth win against Bao Dong can be viewed here:

He had a strong attack with some fine active/positional play in very typical Theo style, but then let things slip a bit only to bounce back at the end.

Bon Accord Beat London School of Economics 8.5-5.5

In the third round of the 2020 competition BA beat LSE 8.5-5.5 and now are likely to be playing co-leaders Tiger Sharks A (I believe Adam is playing for Tiger Sharks B) in the fourth round.


1.Murad Abdulla 1-1 Abhinav Bathula

2 Hamish Olson 0 -2 Thomas Goldie

3.Julius Schwartz 0.5 – 1.5 Aaneel Shalman
4.Euan Gray 1.5-0.5 Matthie Bennet
5.Richard Jennings 2-0 Aadil Khan
6.Ross Brennan 1.5-0.5 Mateusz Masiak
7.Nihad Abdulla 2-0 Tom Dawtrey
BA 8.5 – LSE 5.5

Bon Accord 7 Petts Wood Orpington 5

This evening the Bon Accord chess club beat the largest chess club in Kent ( 7-5 in the 2020 Chess (Online) tournament:
1. Murad Abdulla    2300 2 0         Aaravamudhan Balaji 2206
2.Hamish Olson 2239 1 0.5 0 0.5  Daniel Lindner 2214
3.Julius Schwartz 2090 0 0 2       Mikey Watson 1973
4.Euan Gray    2082       0 0  2     Jean-Baptiste Jugand (Unrated, 2261 in 1994)
5.Ross Brennan 1706  1 0.5 0.50   Shlok Verma 1733
6.Nihad Abdulla  1634 2   0 0      Conrad Allison 1837
                                          7             5
(FIDE ratings if available, else Scottish)
It was a very tense match with Murad’s second win being the last game to finish.
The games were played at 15minutes + 10 seconds which was much more civilised than Monday’s 10minutes + 2s.
Next round we are playing the London School of Economics (LSE)!
Bon Accord is also entering the 4NCL which is being held online this year, 4 boards.
Expressions of interest welcome, I (Hamish) am happy to organise multiple teams.

Bon Accord Beats Bath University 7-1

Bon Accord has entered 2020 Chess ( ), a UK wide online tournament (with one German team).

The first round was held tonight and we won 7-1 (3.5-0.5, 3.5-0.5) against Bath University chess club.

The results were as follows:

1.Murad Abdulla  1.5  – 0.5 Arda Cayonlu

2. Hamish Olson 1.5 – 0.5 Edoardo Mancin

3. Julius Schwartz 2-0 Oliver Whitfield

4.Euan Gray 2-0 Vlad Brebeanu

The next round will be on Wednesday at 7pm. The first tournament in the series concludes a week on Friday (six rounds, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 7pm) but this will be a recurring series of tournaments until the crisis has abated.

There are some very strong teams but also some less strong teams – games for all levels.

The time control is a fairly brisk 10 minutes +2 seconds and the games are played on /

It is a minimum of 4 boards but can be more if both captains agree (Bath had 7 players available). Please let me (Hamish) know if you are interested. If there is enough interest I am happy to organise a B (C,D…) team as well.

Stonehaven 1 – Knights 3

The results of the match between Stonehaven and the Knights were as follows:

                Stonehaven                    BA Knights

            Robert Lothian      0.5-0.5    Hamish Olson (white)

            Alan Cundill            0-1       Oystein Knutsen (black)

            Bruce Harrold         0-1        Theodoros Vasiliadis

            David Bridges      0.5-0.5     John Ewen

        Totals                        1-3

Stonehaven – Fighting Seagulls Allegro

Results            Stonehaven                   Fighting Seagulls

                       Robert Lothian    1-0      Harnaik Singh Bains


                       Bruce Harrold     0-1      Jason States


                       Paddy Coffield  0,5-0,5   Narbek


                       David Bridges     1-0       Sebastian Corobsan


                Totals                      2.5-1.5