Bon Accord A 3.5 – Tiger Sharks B 8.5

On Friday 4th April,Bon Accord A were a bit unlucky to be paired with another ridiculously strong team in the final round of the first two weeks of the 2020 event. We were convincingly beaten 8.5-3.5 by Tiger Sharks B(!)

Murad Abdulla 0.5-1.5 “Mark K” “Czech IM who is friends with some of our players”
Hamish Olson 1-1 IM Ritvars Riemanis 2414
Andrew Green 1-1 FM Hendrik Hoffman 2250
Euan Gray 0-2 Bao Dong 2227
Viktor Koroglou 0-2 Hugh Murphy 203 (~2210)
Theodoros Vasiliadis 1-1 Oliver Cod

Bon Accord B had their debut agains a South African side in a friendly match on Thursday 3rd April and were just pipped 5.5-4.5:

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