Bon Accord Debut in 4NCL

The 4NCL event is being held online this year.

Bon Accord has an A team in the top division and a B team in division

The A team had a tough match against one of the top teams in Britain, Wood Green who had a Grandmaster on board two!

At one stage it was looking like the result might be 3-1 us. Julius went straight through an off-form Adam Taylor with an admittedly dubious exchange sac and was the first to finish. Euan was slightly better out of the opening as white against “ButterflyQueen” (IM Jovanka Houska) but got ground down. I (Hamish) was +4 in a tricky endgame against GM Daniel Fernandez and Murad was winning.
Unfortunately both our opponents proved resourceful:

Bon Accord A 2180 Wood Green 2408
w FM Abdulla, Murad 2287 0 – 1 FM Harvey, Marcus R 2440
b FM Olson, Hamish 2246 0 – 1 GM Fernandez,Daniel Howard 2466
w Gray, Euan 2098 0 – 1 IM Houska, Jovanka 2381
b Schwartz, Julius 2090 1 – 0 IM Taylor, Adam C 2347

1 – 3
Full results here:

Division 1 games will be available here

(link broken Friday 2100 but I expect it will be fixed soon)

Bon Accord B had a smoother start and could have had more (in particular Richard was a lot better the whole game). They are definitely looking to be in contention to be promoted.

Catford Cosmonauts 3 1580 Bon Accord B 1856
w Orpwood, Steven 1742 0 – 1 Koroglou, Viktor 2028
b Oyvat, Cem 1667 ½ – ½ Jennings, Richard 1872
w Foreman, Anthony 1532 ½ – ½ Vasiliadis, Theo 1820
b Marchettini, Cristiano 1382 0 – 1 Brennan, J Ross 1706

1 – 3

Full results here:

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