The One That Got Away (Twice)

Couldn’t resist the Katy Perry reference 🙂

Both our teams had great results yesterday in the 2020 Event.

2020 now has a website ( and pairings online ( – some cool visualisations too).
It is going to be talked about on BBC Radio at around 1645 today (Saturday 11th April) at this link :

The A team beat the now-familiar Chess Carolinas 7-1 (from North and South Carolina, USA) (BA B had beat them 6.5-3.5). We outrated them heavily on all boards. They had promised six players but only fielded four. Theo and Julius graciously agreed to sit out.

The games can be found here:

See if you can spot my blunder in the first game – no cheating until you think you know the answer! (I am black)

The B team had a similarly successful night (hence the cheesy title), winning 9-1 against”D’Ascanio Vintage!”. They are a team composed of players from universities in Pisa, Trieste (a beautiful place where I played a lovely tournament in 2017 – “FE 19 Citta’ di Trieste”, stay at if you get the chance! ) and Ancona.

Detailed results (and the games) can be found here:

Richard’s piece sac is worth looking at here:

On Monday the A and B team both face stiff challenges.

The A team is again (in a competition with 66 teams) paired against the formidable Tiger Sharks A (>=2 IMs, average rating around 2300). We ran them a very close second last time (

and hope to do better this time.

The B team has also got a tough opponent, and again an intercontinental match – Endgame New Mexico who have a National Master and an FM and a number of players above 2000.

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