Christmas Lightning Tournament

The Christmas Lightning tournament was held on Friday 16th December at Ferryhill community centre.

The tournament was organised by Ross Brennan, and was won by Hamish Olson with a perfect score of 5/5.

Full results were as follows:

  1   Olson, Hamish                 2117 5         
  2   Mitchell, Jeremy              1831 4         
 3-4  Dutta, Atanu                  1432 3.5      
      Pasha, Tariq                  1739 3.5       
 5-9  Lothian, Robert               2052 3         
      Dutta, Nandini                1116 3        
      Kante, Kalyan                 1136 3        
      Bisset, Alex                       3       
      Ewen, John                    1592 3       
10-11 Pranav, Saravanan             667  2.5     
      Rose, Chris                   1437 2.5     
12-17 Dutta, Oishani                1149 2       
      Noguera, Guillem              1600 2       
      Nicol, James                       2       
      Subramaniam, Ananth           210  2       
      Joseph, Sam                        2     
      Kante, Ramesh                 908  2     
18-21 Ganesan, Uma                       1      
      Subramaniam, Anish            410  1      
      Levan, Hung                        1     
      Vikram, Tarun                      1     
 22   Joseph, Johann                     0

Bon Accord Club Allegro

The annual Bon Accord Allegro chess tournament will be held on Tuesday 4th and Tuesday 11th October.

If you wish to play, please arrive promptly and give your name to the tournament organiser, Jeremy Mitchell.

The format will be three matches per night with pairings made between rounds.

Time control is 25 minutes per player for the entire game.

Friday Evening Chess Training

Bon Accord chess club will be running chess training sessions on Friday evenings between 7.30 and 8.30.

The coaches will be Neil Irving, Richard Jennings and Jeremy Mitchell. The target audience will be players rated 1200 – 1800, although players outwith this range (especially juniors) will also benefit.

Artur Yusupov’s chess course will be used as the basis for the lessons, with exercises given for completion as homework.

The first training session will be on Friday 30th September. There will then be a week off on Friday 7th October (because all of the coaches will be at Dundee), before resuming on Friday 14th October.