North East League 2019/2020 Rules

North-East of Scotland Chess League – Rules

(revised September 2019)

1) Play shall be governed by the FIDE Laws of Chess unless they are specifically modified by these rules. FIDE rules can be found here: (E miscellaneous 01)

2) Officers. The League Secretary has responsibility for overseeing the running of the leagues and for resolving issues that may arise. The League Secretary (or a nominated deputy) shall represent the NE League at meetings of  the Chess Scotland Council.   In addition persons will be elected to take on the duties and responsibilities of (i) Treasurer (ii) Webmaster (iiii) League arbiter(s) (iv)  League grader. Elected officers may take on combinations of these posts. 

Secretary and Webmaster: to be appointed on a 2 yearly cycle with the due new appointments falling on alternate years.  Responsibility for sourcing new officers for these roles will fall alternately between the collective teams from Bon Accord Club, and the collective teams from any other league clubs. New officers should be elected at the AGM, a year in advance of their due appointment. Treasurer: to be appointed on a 4 yearly cycle.

3) Possible abuses of the rules of the NE League should be reported to the League Secretary within 14 days of their occurrence.

An appeal against a decision of the League Secretary should be made within 14 days of receipt of that decision.

The League Secretary will refer the appeal to the arbiters, whose decision will be final.

4) Each team must provide at least two names and contact details for the Website.

5) Matches in both the knockout and leagues shall be played over 4 boards, played at the same venue at the same time.

For the knockout a coin should be flipped to decide who plays white on the odd numbered boards.

For the leagues the away team plays white on the odd numbered boards.

Extra boards may be played which will be graded but will not count in the match result, colours on these boards should be decided by flipping a coin.

6) Immediately prior to the start of a match, captains shall exchange team lists.

Teams should be arranged in order of strength with the strongest

player, according to Chess Scotland at the start of the season, on board 1. If a player does not have a Chess Scotland rating but does have a FIDE rating then this should be used to determine strength for board order purposes. If neither a FIDE or Chess Scotland rating is available, then any other national rating should be used if available. 

(Players with a difference of 50 or less points may change board order first time they play but must then retain that change for the whole season. Unrated players may be played on any board, however they may not play on a higher board than any player they have previously been below, nor on a lower board than any player they have previously played above in the same season)

Players playing above the board they should play on will be defaulted for that match.

Players may play for more than one team within the League, Allegro or Cup subject to the following conditions. The total number of games played by any individual cannot exceed n-1 (League and Cup) or n-2 (Allegro) where n is the number of teams entered in the League, Cup section or Allegro league. A player cannot play against the same team twice within each competition, except without the permission of both captains. 

7) Unless agreed otherwise, the captain(s) are responsible for ensuring that White’s clock on all boards is started no later than 7.00 pm.  Individual boards can be started earlier if the two contestants are present. 

The home team are responsible for the provision of equipment including clocks.

7a) The rate of play for each player in the league, cup and plate is ALL moves in 90 minutes.

7b) The rate of play for the Allegro league is 30 min each player per game, with two games played in one night. A toss of a coin is to be used to decide which team gets white on odd boards in the first match of the night, colours are reversed for the second match.

8) Any known default(s) should be on the lowest board(s).Penalty points will be imposed for defaulted boards; 

4 points on board 1, 3 points on board 2, 2 points on board 3, 1 point on board 4.

For every 8 penalty points imposed 1 match point will be deducted.

Penalty points do not apply to matches defaulted in advance provided they are defaulted by 5pm on the scheduled  day of the match.

9) If a player fails to arrive before 60 minutes has elapsed on his/her clock then the opposing team may claim a win by default..

Penalty points will not be imposed on a player who arrives after a claim has been made but before the end of the match.

10) After the match, BOTH captains must inform the league secretary of the result for each board, to arrive within 7 days of the match.

Results sent by e-mail go to the League Secretary with a copy to the League Grader and the Webmaster (contact details provided on Website). Required information will be provided to Captains at the start of the season.

11) Postponements.  If a League or Allegro fixture is postponed then a new date should be arranged.

This date must be decided, and the League Secretary notified by both captains, within 14 days of the original date.

The re-arranged date must be within six weeks of the original date or by the end of the season, whichever is the shorter. The season end for each competition will be announced by the League Secretary when the appropriate fixture list is circulated. 

The League Secretary will default both teams if he/she fails to receive the results of a match or notification of a postponed match within 14 days.

A team requesting a postponement must give at least 7 days notice to the opposing team

A team requesting a postponement within 7 days of the match must have the agreement of the opposing captain.

Any single match can only be postponed once. 

Each team is only allowed to request postponement for  two separate matches in  the League or four (two playing evenings) for  the Allegro event.   

Cup and Plate matches cannot be postponed, unless there are extenuating circumstances (e.g. inclement weather) and approved by the League Secretary.

12) Eligibility to play in the league is open to all members of the club concerned, or other players with permission of the opposing captain.

13) Positions in leagues will be decided in favour of:-

      a) The team with the highest number of match points; 2 for a win, 1 for a draw.

      b) The team with the highest number of game points; 1 for a win, 0.5 for a draw.

      c) The results of matches involving teams tied on the above  

       d) The team with the fewest penalty point imposed.

      e) The elimination of the game point scores on the lowest board on which a difference exists.

14) Entries should be made at or before the NE League AGM in September, where the format for that season will be decided.