NEJCA Allegro Stonehaven – Saturday 30th January

Please note that there is an allegro tournament being held at Stonehaven on Saturday 30th January.

The tournament is held at Stonehaven Town Hall and the first round is at 10.00 am. For details see the link here


Lothians Allegro

Neil Irving and Kalyan Kante participated in the Lothians allegro tournament held at Westerhailes, Edinburgh on Saturday 9th January.

In the challengers section Neil scored 3½/5 to finish in a tie for third place.

Kalyan, competing in the minor section, also finished in a tie for third place with a score of 4/5.


Glasgow Allegro

A couple of Bon Accord players produced good performances in the Glasgow allegro on Saturday 14th November.

In the major Euan Gray scored 3½/5 for a tournament performance of 1752, outperforming his (admittedly unrealistically low) allegro rating by 358 points.

In the minor Kalyan Kante achieved a share of second place with a score of 4/5. His tournament performance was 1390, an outperformance of 694 points.

Congratulations to Euan and Kalyan.

Links to the results:

Bon Accord Chess Club Allegro

The annual club allegro was held on Tuesday 29th September. It was decided to hold the tournament on a single evening, and consequently the games were reduced to 10 minutes each, and were not rateable. The result was a tie for first between Richard Jennings and Jeremy Mitchell. Jeremy defeated Richard in their individual game, but had lost earlier on to John Ewen.

The full results were as follows:

 1-2  Jennings, Richard  SCO       1812 5       
      Mitchell, Jeremy   SCO       1676 5        
 3-4  Ewen, John         SCO       1568 4       
      Brennan, Ross      SCO       1723 4       
 5-8  Dutta, Atanu       SCO            3       
      Grieve, Ian        SCO       1540 3      
      Pasha, Tariq       SCO       1560 3       
      Ogosi, Eugene                     3      
9-10  McClymont, Duncan  SCO       1227 2      
      Dhabolkar, Atharva                2        
11-13 Saravanan, Pranav            380  1       
      Hegde, Aditya      SCO       268  1     
      Sibbald, Connor    SCO       604  1

Bon Accord Chess Club Allegro Tournament

The Annual Bon Accord chess club allegro tournament will be held on Tuesday 29th September and Friday 2nd October.

Rounds 1 – 3 will be held on Tuesday 29th September starting at 7.00pm.

Rounds 4 and 5 will be on Friday 2nd October starting at 7.30pm.

The time control will be all moves in 25 minutes. The games will be submitted to Chess Scotland for grading.

Bon Accord Chess Club Allegro Rating List 2015

Bremner Adam 2244
Edwards Jonathan 2146
Maxwell Daniel 2125
Lothian Robert 2034
Olson Hamish 1993
Harwood Duncan J 1950
Abdulla Murad 1886
Jennings Richard L 1812
Cavanagh Mike 1724
Clifford John 1695
Irving Neil 1681
Holmes Hugh D 1680
Mitchell Jeremy J 1676
Milton Carl 1675
Davidson Eric 1674
Telford Ricky 1633
Beaney Alex 1592
Ewen John 1568
Smith Alan 1567
Milton Anna 1563
Pasha Tariq 1560
Grieve Ian 1540
Barclay Mark 1538
Smith Callum 1526
Abdullayev Mahir 1422
Gray Euan 1394
Ramazanov Vagif 1385
D`Costa Leston 1384
Stewart Alex J 1268
Milton Sean 1127
Bodrell Dylan 896
Hegde Stuthi 780
Kante Kalyan 749
Ramazanov Vusal 687
Hegde Aditya 268