Bon Accord Club Allegro

The annual Bon Accord Allegro chess tournament will be held on Tuesday 4th and Tuesday 11th October.

If you wish to play, please arrive promptly and give your name to the tournament organiser, Jeremy Mitchell.

The format will be three matches per night with pairings made between rounds.

Time control is 25 minutes per player for the entire game.

Bon Accord Chess Club Allegro

The annual club allegro was held on Tuesday 29th September. It was decided to hold the tournament on a single evening, and consequently the games were reduced to 10 minutes each, and were not rateable. The result was a tie for first between Richard Jennings and Jeremy Mitchell. Jeremy defeated Richard in their individual game, but had lost earlier on to John Ewen.

The full results were as follows:

 1-2  Jennings, Richard  SCO       1812 5       
      Mitchell, Jeremy   SCO       1676 5        
 3-4  Ewen, John         SCO       1568 4       
      Brennan, Ross      SCO       1723 4       
 5-8  Dutta, Atanu       SCO            3       
      Grieve, Ian        SCO       1540 3      
      Pasha, Tariq       SCO       1560 3       
      Ogosi, Eugene                     3      
9-10  McClymont, Duncan  SCO       1227 2      
      Dhabolkar, Atharva                2        
11-13 Saravanan, Pranav            380  1       
      Hegde, Aditya      SCO       268  1     
      Sibbald, Connor    SCO       604  1