Anna Milton – winner of the 2014 Cherie Booth award

Congratulations to Anna Milton for winning the Cherie Booth award for the top Scottish girl chess player of 2014.

Anna was given the award for excellent tournament results, including an unbeaten 4/5 for second in the 2013 Lothians Major, representing Scotland in international competition in the Faber cup, the European Union Youth and the Euro Youth, and also for arbiting and coaching at Junior events in the North East of Scotland.

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Murad Abdulla – winner of the 2014 Jonathan Rowson award

Congratulations to Murad Abdulla who has been awarded the Jonathan Rowson award for the top Scottish by chess player of 2013-2014.

He has been awarded the title for a series of excellent results including winning the 2014 Glenrothes Open, becoming Commonwealth Under-14 Boys champion and excellent performance for the Scotland team in the under 16 Olympiad.

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Under 16 Olympiad

The under 16 olympiad takes place in Győr, Hungary from the 12th – 21st December.

Scotland are fielding the following team:

  1. Murad Abdulla (1958)
  2. Lennart Koehn (1846)
  3. Euan Gray (1625)
  4. Declan Shafi (1621)
  5. Anna Milton (1547)

We wish them all the best of luck. Particularly Bon Accord members Murad, Euan and Anna.

The team progress can be followed here:


Liverpool Quadrangular International

The Liverpool quadrangular international is held on the 5th – 7th December between Scotland, Wales, the North of England and the English Midlands. Several Bon Accord players are representing Scotland in different age categories:

Under 16

  • Leston D’Costa
  • Tariq Pasha

Under 14

  • Callum Smith
  • Stuthi Hegde

Under 12

  • Atharva Dabholkar

We wish them all the best of luck.