Club Championship Round 5

After four rounds of the club championship there are six players tied for 1st on 3 points. However the game between Richard Jennings and Duncan Harwood in round 4 has been postponed, so one either Richard or Duncan will be in the lead by a clear point, or both Richard and Duncan will be tied half a point in front depending on the result from that game.

The draw for round five is as follows:

White Black
Duncan Harwood (3+1) Tariq Pasha (3)
Ross Brennan (3) Richard Jennings (3+1)
Neil Irving (3) Stuthi Hegde (2+1)
Dave Smith (1½+1) Jeremy Mitchell (3)
Alex Stewart (2) Mike Cavanagh (2)
Alan Smith (2) Ricky Telford (2)
John Ewen (2) Ian Grieve (2)
Eugene Ogosi (2) Leston D’Costa (2)
Callum Smith (2) Sean Gordon (2)
Duncan McClymont (2) Oishani Dutta (1½)
Nandini Dutta (1½) Connor Sibbald (1½)
Eric Davidson (1) Atharva Dabholkar (1)
Ramesh Kante (0) Kalyan Kante (½)
Aditya Hegde (1) BYE

The deadline for games to be played is Friday 25 March 2016. If any games cannot be played please contact Ross Brennan.