Richardson Cup Final Results

The Richardson cup final between Bon Accord and Edinburgh was played at Grangemouth sports centre on Saturday 23rd April 2016.

Bon Accord were heavily outrated on all boards and although the first two games to finish were both draws the remainder of the games proceeded per rating and we lost 7 – 1. Although the result in the final was disappointing reaching the final was a considerable achievement.

Thanks to Hamish Olson for captaining the team, and congratulations to Edinburgh chess club – winners of the 2016 Richardson cup.

The results were as follows (FIDE ratings in brackets).

Bon Accord Edinburgh
1 B Hamish Olson 2212 (2072) 0 1 FM Clement Sreeves 2340 (2339)
2 W Bob Lothian 2034 (2130) 0 1 FM Neil Berry 2288 (2351)
3 B Murad Abdulla 2027 (2065) 0 1 Calum MacQueen 2259 (2253)
4 W Daniel Maxwell 2056 (2031) ½ ½ Andrew Green 2207 (2153)
5 B Duncan Harwood 1950 (2022) 0 1 Petros Walden 2145 (2176)
6 W Mike Cavanagh 1888 ½ ½ David Oswald 2123 (2088)
7 B Richard Jennings 1878 (1866) 0 1 Daniel McGowan 2113 (2148)
8 W Euan Gray 1656 (1904) 0 1 Hugh Brechin 2078 (2087)
1 7

Edinburgh Chess Congress

The Edinburgh chess congress was held at St Thomas of Aquin’s High School on the 8th, 9th and 10th of April.

Several Bon Accord players participated over the weekend with some notable results.

In the Bishops (under 1500) tournament Atharva Dabholkar scored an excellent 2½/5 in spite of being the third lowest rated player in the tournament.

Kalyan Kante scored 2/5 in his first Major (under 1700), including a win over Colin Paterson (756 points higher rated than Kalyan) in round 2. Kalyan may have won a giant killing prize for this result.

In the Challengers (under 1900) Bon Accord were represented by Leston D’Costa who scored a solid 2/5 and Neil Irving whose 3½/5 was enough for a share of the grading prize.

In the Premier the top performance was by achieved by Euan Gray who scored 3/5 including a draw against former Scottish champion Fide Master Alan Tate and a win against the 2188 rated Carlo Marzano of Italy. Euan was awarded the Evening News cup for the best player aged under 18 on tie break from his club mate Murad Abdulla who also finished on a score of 3/5 in one of the strongest tournaments in Scotland. Richard Jennings scored 2/5 which consisted of 2 draws, 2 losses and a point bye in the last round. Richard was disappointed with this, but one of the draws was against International Master Mark Orr. Tariq Pasha scored 1½/5 in his first open tournament, while Callum Smith scored 1/5.

Edinburgh Chess Congress

The Edinburgh chess congress is the largest chess congress in Scotland, with five sections including the only FIDE rated weekend open in Scotland. This year it was held at the new venue of St Thomas of Aquins school in Edinburgh between the 17th and 19th of April 2015. The Edinburgh congress was hosted for many years at George Heriot’s school. The new venue is about five minutes’ walk from Heriot’s, and although the building is a lot less grand, the playing conditions are in my opinion rather better. The playing hall was very spacious, catering was provided onsite, and there was also (unusual these days) a bookstall. From Bon Accord Murad Abdulla, Leston D’Costa, Euan Gray, Stuthi Hegde, Neil Irving, Richard Jennings, Anna Milton, Vagif Ramazanov, Vusal Ramazanov and Callum Smith were competing. The only players to win prizes were Neil Irving who was part of a nine way tie for second in the challengers, and Euan Gray who shared the grading prize, also in the challengers. The results for the Bon Accord players were as follows. Knights (under 1300)

  • Vusal Ramazanov 1.5/5

Bishops (under 1500)

  • Stuthi Hegde 3/5

Major (under 1700)

  • Leston D’Costa 2.5/5
  • Vagif Ramazanov 2.5/5
  • Callum Smith 3/5

Challengers (under 1900)

  • Anna Milton 2/5
  • Euan Gray 3/5
  • Neil Irving 3.5/5

Premier (FIDE rated)

  • Murad Abdulla 2/5
  • Richard Jennings 2/5

Grading data for the Edinburgh congress can be found here :