Chess club closed for Easter

Ferryhill community centre is closed for Easter from the 4th – 15th April, so there will be no chess club meeting on Tuesday 5th April, Friday 8th April, Tuesday 12th April and Friday 15th April.

The last meeting before Easter will be on Friday 1st April.

The club will meet again on Tuesday 19th April and continue to meet on Tuesdays and Fridays until the end of June.

Changes For Next Season

The extraordinary general meeting of the chess club was held on Friday 12th June to discuss the running of the club next season.

Ferryhill community centre have made significant changes to the terms of our lease. These are:

  1. The chess club will only have the use of the general purpose room on club nights. The coffee area will not be available for analysis or casual games.
  2. There will be a member of the community centre staff on site whenever the community centre is in use. This means that the chess club will no longer need to have keyholders, and all keys have now been returned to the community centre.
  3. The community centre requires there to be adults who are members of the protection of vulnerable groups scheme to be onsite when juniors are present.
  4. There will be a significant increase in rent.

Ferryhill community centre is an excellent venue, so the club is intending to remain there for next season in spite of these changes. However the club will need to operate differently.

  1. The club will continue to be held on Tuesday and Friday evenings.
  2. The Tuesday evening will run from 7.00 – 10.30pm. All rated games will be played on Tuesday. Members are welcome to play casual games however it is expected that all members will be quiet in the playing area. Because club members no longer hold keys games must finish by 10.30, which means that clocks must be started at 7.00pm. We will have access to the room 10 – 15 minutes before the official start time to set up tables, chairs, boards, clocks, etc.
  3. On Friday evening the club will be open from 7.30 – 10.00pm. This will be a night mainly aimed at casual games and coaching.
  4. Ferryhill community centre is closed for 2 weeks at Christmas, 2 weeks at Easter and 10 weeks over the summer. The club will be closed at these times.
  5. The community centre will hold discos for children on four Friday nights during the year. The club will be closed on those days also.
  6. Membership fees, which have not increased for several years, will be increased to cover the additional rent.
  7. The club will need to register some members with the protection of vulnerable groups scheme, at least one of whom will need to be in attendance when the club is open. This will be done through Chess Scotland.


Chess club – Tuesday 27th January

Ferryhill community centre are holding their AGM in the general purpose room on Tuesday 27th January. This means that the chess cupboard will be unavailable and the chess club will be meeting in the coffee area. Chess sets and clocks should already be out so this should not cause us a problem.

From personal experience I would recommend exercising extreme caution when using the chairs in the coffee area.