Summer Events

A quick round up of various events that have taken place over the summer thus far involving Bon Accord players:

World Senior Team Championship

The world senior team championship took place in Dresden, Germany between the 26th June and 4th July. Richard Jennings was board 4 for the Scotland team and scored 4/9 for a rating performance of 2001. Full details are here.

Scottish Championship

The 2016 Scottish Championship was held in Glasgow. Competing from Bon Accord were Murad Abdulla, Carl Milton, Leston D’Costa, Callum Smith, and Stuthi Hegde. Murad won the title of Scottish junior champion (shared with Declan Shafi). Aditya Hegde played in the seven day tournament held at the same time. While Divyesh Selvaraj won the weekend minor. Details of the Scottish championship are here.

Glorney-Gilbert International

The Glorney Gilbert International was held in Daventry, England from the 19th – 21st July. Participants from Bon Accord included Leston D’Costa (Glorney cup – open under 18), Stuthi Hegde (Gilbert cup – girls under 18), Connor Sibbald, Kalyan Kante and Aditya Hegde (Stokes cup – under 12). The tournament website is here.

World Under 16 Olympiad

The world under 16 olympiad was held in Poprad, Slovakia between the 21st and 30th July. The Scotland team included Murad Abdulla and Euan Gray on boards 1 and 3. The results for the Scotland team are shown here.

Czech Open

Hamish Olson and Neil Irving competed in the Czech open in Pardubice between the 22nd and 30th July.

Glorney – Glibert International

The Glorney-Gilbert international takes place in County Meath, Ireland between the 19th and 23rd July. This competition comprises a series of matches at different junior age groups between teams from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Several Bon Accord players are representing Scotland.

  • In the Glorney cup (under 18) Carl Milton.
  • In the Gilbert cup (girls under 18) Stuthi Hegde.
  • In the Robinson cup (under 14) Euan Gray and Callum Smith.

Accompanying the party will be several coaches including Hamish Olson.

The competition can be followed on the website here