Scottish Grand Prix Prize Winners

A number of Bon Accord players took prizes in the Annual Scottish Grand Prix.

In the Adult Grand Prix Hamish Olson and Murad Abdulla finished 2nd and 3rd in the Candidates (1901-2150) section. Murad also took the junior prize.

In the Minor section (under 1450) Vagif Ramazanov finished 8th overall and won the junior prize.

In the Junior Grand Prix Stuthi Hegde finished 3rd in the Rooks section (J14 – J16), Callum Smith finished 3rd in the Bishops section (J12 – J13) and Aditya Hegde 3rd in the Pawns section (J5 – J9).

A full list of prize winners can be found on the Chess Scotland website for the Adult Grand Prix and the Junior Grand Prix.