Christmas Lightning Results

The Bon Accord Christmas lightning tournament was held on Friday 19th December.

Unfortunately the buzzer broke down during round three so the last four rounds were held as five minute blitz games. This didn’t seem to make much difference to the result: Hamish Olson has won this tournament several times in a row, and did so again on this occasion -being unbeaten with 7/7. Richard Jennings was second, and Jeremy Mitchell third.

The full results were as follows:

Place Name Rating Score
1 Hamish Olson 2087 7
2 Richard Jennings 1820 6
3 Jeremy Mitchell 1812 5
4 – 8 John Ewen 1619 4
Adam Bremner 2157
Mark Barclay 1457
Neil Irving 1644
Ross Brennan 1670
9 Ricky Telford 1639 3.5
10 – 13 Ian Grieve 1445 3
Duncan Depasquale 937
Oishani Dutta 667
Ayo Suberu
14 Tariq Pasha 1192 2.5
15 Nandini Dutta 580 2
16 – 18 Ramesh Babu Kante 1
Kalyan Kante
Dylan Bodrell 898



Christmas Lightning Tournament

The Bon Accord Christmas Lightning tournament is going to be held at Ferryhill Community Centre on Friday 19th December.

For those of you who haven’t played in a lightning tournament before, during the game a buzzer sounds every few seconds, and each time the buzzer sounds a move must be made. The games tend to be fairly sensible to start with, but rapidly descend into chaos.

It is enormous fun.