Marymass Chess Congress

A number of members of Bon Accord chess club were competing at the Marymass chess congress in Irvine last weekend.

Neil Irving scored 2½/5 in the open. In the major Kalyan Kante scored 1½/5, while Anna Milton (playing in her first tournament for over a year) scored 1½ points in the first four rounds and was working on converting a bishop ending with a couple of extra pawns in the final round at the point when I decided to go home.

Marymass Congress Results

The results from Marymass are now here:

  • In the open Euan Gray (1656) had a bit of a tough time in the open and scored 1/5. His best result was a draw against Scottish Olympiad player Rosie Giulian (1831).
  • In the major Leston D’Costa (1515) started with a win against the very strong partially sighted player Steve Hilton (1796). He then scored three draws and a loss against players rated over 1700 to finish on 2.5/5.
  • In the minor Oishani Dutta (840) scored 2/5 starting with a win against Chris Wan (1174). Her sister Nandini Dutta (972) had a tougher time, but finished with a win against Robert McLeod (1043) to finish on 2/5 and still gained some rating points.