Keith Hoban Memorial and NEJCA rising stars

The annual North East junior chess associaton Keith Hoban memorial tournament was held on Sunday 28th February 2016 at Albyn School, Aberdeen.

The Keith Hoban memorial was dominated by Murad Abdulla who won the tournament with 5/5. Tariq Pasha finished with 3½/5 , and Aditya Hegde and Atharva Dabholkar both scored 1½. Grading results for the Keith Hoban memorial can be found on the NEJCA website here.

The rising stars tournament was won by Kalyan Kante with 5½/6. Connor Sibbald tied for 2nd with 4/6 whilst Pranav Saravanan finished in a tie for 4th on 3½/6. Grading results for the rising stars tournament are here.


NEJCA Stonehaven Allegro

The North East Junior Chess Association held an allegro tournament on Saturday 30th January 2015 with several Bon Accord players participating.

In the open section Bob Lothian finished 3rd with 3½/5 while Richard Jennings scored 3/5.

The chess for kicks under 1000 section was dominated by Connor Sibbald who scored 7/7, and in the chess for kicks under 600 section Pranav Saravanan scored 3/6.

The grading results are here

North East Junior Chess Association Allegro

The NEJCA allegro was held on Saturday 31st January 2015 at Mastrick, Aberdeen.

Several Bon Accord players took part. Particularly successful were Richard Jennings and Murad Abdulla who tied for second in the open section with 3.5/5, Atharva Dabholkar who won the under 1000 section with 5/6, and Oishani Dutta who came 2nd= in the under 1000 section with 4/5.

Full results for the NEJCA tournaments are on the NEJCA website here.